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options exhausted, torture would make sense. Allhoff then attacks the position that torture is impermissible because a sanctioned torture regime would...

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Recent Publications. ... bush wife status a form of servitude distinct from those previously considered is that it is a class of servitudes attached to a particular

Recent Publications 1. Ji, Y.; Hamida, J.A.; Tang, Y.; Sullivan, N.S., NMR studies of methane and hydrogen in microporous materials, Low Temperature Physics 42 (2

2006 • “ The Cherry Orchard. and . Fathers and Sons.” In: Chekhov: Poetics—Hermenutics— Thematics. Ed. J. Douglas Clayton. Ottawa: The Slavic Research Group at the

2006 Recent Publications Follow this and additional works at:http://digitalcommons.law.yale.edu/yjil ... neo-conservatism, unilateralism, preventive

2008 Recent Publications Follow this and additional works at:http://digitalcommons.law.yale.edu/yjil Part of theLaw Commons ... The Most Noble …

authors call the most common application of network tactics the "boomerang pattern" (p. 13). Using this strategy, domestic activists who lack influence ... The first case study tracks the development of human rights advocacy ... maintenance of a lega

financial resources, legal know-how, and enormous influence in developing countries. This joint project, the author claims, would redistribute the stakes ... support for his proposals for alternative medicinal practices. ... exacerbate those problems

The New Public Order ... good lesson in liberal democracy ... condemnation of the ethnic and racial hatred that fueled the Holocaust (pp. 114, 133). Chapters 4 and 5

NEW PENGUINS! The Penguin Book of Scottish ^ ; Verse Ed. Tom Scott Tracing the course of Scottish poetry for the past 700 years, this new anthology

Recent Publications Power and Diplomacy Pivotal Deterrence: Third-Party Statecraft and the Pursuit of Peace. By Timothy W. Crawford. …