An Empirical Study on the Current and Future Challenges of

Challenges of Automotive Software Release and ... technician to invest time and effort, which produces high costs and some customer’s inconvenience. 3...

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Current and future challenges Social and Economic Aspects ... – Lipases – catalyze the ... detergents. 7 Marine Genetic

By adopting a cloud-based information system, the user can access to your corporate information system at any time, at any place, and sometimes at any device, as far as the Internet is accessed (Mell & Grance 2011; Vaquero 2009)

Current Status and Future Challenges in Molecular Design for Reduced Hazard Philip Coish, ... molecular design for reduced hazard; however, such strategies are still not sufficiently developed to meet existing needs. Design strategies need to incorpora

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ITIL and the Creation of Benefits: An Empirical Study on Benefits, Challenges and Processes Mauricio Marrone University of Goettingen, [email protected] ... The researchers conclude that in the research site, a large service unit of ICT in So

correlation analysis reveals that it scales well as the number of requirements increases. ... sents a set of ‘best compromises’ between the objectives that can be found by the search based ... ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology,

transfer and connects people in a way consistent with how they naturally interact. ... most of them investigate social media’s influence on the two dependent

Gamification – An Empirical Study . Department of Computer Science The University of Auckland Auckland, New Zealand . ABSTRACT. Using game design elements in non-game contexts is an

A An Empirical Study of Meta- and Hyper-Heuristic Search for Multi-Objective Release Planning Yuanyuan Zhang, CREST, University College London, UK Mark Harman, CREST, University College London, UK Gabriela Ochoa, University of Stirling, UK Guenther R

and specific approaches for traceability in agile software development methodologies, that may provide better integration among the various environments and tools to share traceability information (Aizenbud-Reshef, Nolan, Rubin, & Shaham-Gafni, 2006)