CSE 403, Winter 2010 PHASE 3 (20 points): Zero Feature

could handle this issue by using a CVS or SVN repository in a reachable location, or by hosting the code on a public ... repository, builds all necess...

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than a "front page" (for web projects) or "initial welcome screen GUI" (for desktop app projects) as described below. 1. Featureless live product web site Provide us with a URL to reach a front page for your product. If your project is a web app, thi

mobile app, your source repository's wiki should contain a complete set of instructions to download and ... Assume that this item is being prepared for one or more developers who would pick up development where you left off. ... its platform(s) and l

If your project is a web app, this URL would be the front page of your actual web app on Heroku (though it does not need to be functional). If your product has functionality, such as if you are getting started early on coding, that is fine; but such

testing in at least three (3) areas of system testing, such as the following: • Integration testing • Automated UI "functional" testing • Performance testing / profiling • Load / stress / reliability testing • Security testing / auditing • Usability

situation. If a particular app is too challenging to localize its text fully, we will come to an agreement with your group about an appropriate subset of the text that should be localized. If your project is a mobile app, it should detect the current

If your product is a web app, the sequence diagrams should show the "life" of a user's web request. Show the request's ... where one developer's work will be looked over by one or more others. ... Submit your SDS documents online through the link pro

build test, check-in test, or automatic nightly build test that runs without user intervention. You should submit a script that your customer can use to run all of your unit tests (or as many as can be run from a terminal) with a single command

CSE 403 Lecture 20 Security Testing for Mobile and Web ... – Browser could download a HTML page. ... – What does my app do with this information?

•signed apps : Coded with a private developer key – On Android / iPhone, apps must be signed in market – manual approval reduces chance of rogue apps – any app bought in official App Store / Market is generally thought of as having being audited •Is

CSE 403 Lecture 3 Software Requirements Thanks to Marty Stepp, Michael Ernst, and other past instructors of CSE 403 ... – Think about why users do something in your app, not just what. – Allow (and expect) requirements to change later. ... human issu