Lecture 21: Networking

–Several network services are best constructed by ordered messaging » Ask remote machine to first do x, then do y, etc. –Unfortunately, underlying net...

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–Use a network of Routers to connect subnets together » Routing is often by prefix: e.g. first router matches first 8 bits of address, next router matches more, etc

Lecture 21: Networking & Protocol Stacks Zhong Shao ... We want to transfer a file between two hosts ... specifies that the type field in an Ethernet

1 Spring 2003 EE130 Lecture 21, Slide 1 Lecture #21 OUTLINE The MOS Capacitor • Electrostatics Reading: Course Reader Spring 2003 EE130 Lecture 21, Slide 2

Given to app Received Buffered Receiver 4/23/08 Joseph CS162 ©UCB Spring 2008 Lec 22.11 0 Window-Based Acknowledgements (TCP) ... –Unified Internet layer decouples apps from networks ... Lecture 22: Networking II

Networking Fundamentals Slides attributed to Neil Spring Today’s Plan ... • Each layer abstracts the services of various lower layers, providing a uniform interface to higher layers. ... • e.g., IP must know how to use ARP Layers Application Presenta

Lecture 20 Networking I November 5, 2007 Prof. Anthony D. Joseph ... –More security: each piece easier to make secure •Reality has been disappointing –Worse availability: depend on every machine being up » Lamport: ―a distributed system is one where

– "house of cards" phenomenon (don't touch it!) – must understand code written by another developer, or code you wrote at a different time with a different mindset

Lecture 21: Coreference Dan Klein ... the company’s new executive Free variables ... When was the French Revolution? →DATE

Calculate its “expected” value next period pretending p is the probability of prices going up.

1 CS 188: Artificial Intelligence Spring 2011 Lecture 21: Perceptrons 4/13/2010 Pieter Abbeel – UC Berkeley Many slides adapted from Dan Klein