The Future of Games

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Google App Engine Increasingly used for hosting dedicated game servers. Mobile M...

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Hits Driven Business • More money going to top titles, less to everyone else ... – Once the economy of the game is ruined, start up a new server

Software trends Game design trends Business model trends. Hardware Trends. More cores for all platforms Multithreaded, job-based game architecture is increasingly important Burst processing ECS! Increase in functional programming models to solve

• Magic Leap. Longshots • There are a few ideas that seem unlikely to succeed... –Valve’s Console –Ouya: Android Console –On-live / Playstation Now

• Google Chromecast – Android games • Valve's console – not so much. Free to play • AEM • Acquire, Engage, Monetize • Advertisement-funded ... • Social Game Developer • Primarily Facebook games • Free to play with microtransactions • Strong focus on

• Magic Leap. Longshots • Recent things – how did they pan out? • Valve’s console • Ouya: Android console • Big support on Kickstarter

There are those who hold that programming ability ought to be counted as a basic literacy in ... University of California at ... Why are These Such Good Teachers?

On the Evolution of Games** Katrin Becker, PhD *not so much a presentation of results as an Invitation

GAMES OF INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES REGULATION ... Klement, Henry Laurence, Barak Medina, Anne-Marie Slaughter, participants of the Law and

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demographic changes, technology, and globalization are the three main ... new health and safety risks especially with the rise in temporary workers (Underhill & Quinlan, 2011). ... employees and letting large corporations enjoy the benefits arising f