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capacity, dropping packages from a plane to a partner on the ground who the n distributed the seed to farmers. Although used ... change, will be hosti...

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UN News Centre • www.un.org/news UN Daily News ... improve access to care and treatment and ... against the envisaged expenditure of $400 million

For the latest news updates and email ... and from access to ... He added that this “comes as our staff just relocated over 400 recent arrivals to a new extension

UN Daily News ... power lines providing electricity to the city's water filtration station ... Brazil, Russia, India, China and

UN News Centre For the latest ... ‘responsibility to protect’ a living reality,” Deputy Secretary-General ... countries will mobilize efforts to end all forms

join fight to help more newborns survive first days of life ... “I am deeply saddened to learn of evictions, ... pointing out that on 29 and 30 December, over 23 IDP

She went on to say that programmes supported by the UN Trust Fund for Human Security have illustrated “the power of catalytic interventions that pool resources and establish strong partnerships and better coherence of results on the ground.” “Let us

“We know when we deliver education to a young person, ... 420 million people could be lifted from poverty, ... become ever harder to eradicate.”

accommodate them – with ever-growing risks for a disease outbreak ... “We know that the world has the tools, the technologies and the

as study reveals bleak prospects for 180 million ... he dreams of becoming a meteorologist, ... 20 November – Expressing horror at news reports and videos showing

- 2 - UN News Centre • www.un.org/news UN Daily News 27 June 2017 in Syria to prevent incidents and military confrontation between the warring parties