WHO phase VIII PROJECT Helath repair

- Set of recommended spare parts for two years ... * Connecting cable complete to connect 6-channel Delta plus with STS 400 Cyclo PC(RS232) ... pack o...

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UNICEF - NUTRITION, PHASE VIII ... MB SDRAM, 10 GB harddisk, 256 KB full speed cache. 2.5 MB Trident Cyber 9525 graphic. Intel Cyber 9525 graphic.Intel 440 MX sound

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AGENCY:UNICEF Water and sanitation, Phase VIII PROJECT:2.2 Training and Capacity Building: CODE DESCRIPTION QUANTITY UNIT OF MEASURE 03-08-00001 Buldozer with 2 years spare parts, Operation and maintenance Manual in

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Brainimaging.Magneticresonanceimagingbrainscanswereacquired on a Philips NT scanner (Best, the Netherlands) operating at 1.5 T in all subjects. T1-weighted three-dimensional fast field echo (3D-FFE) scans